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Pillar: Quality of Place

Healthy places – Vermont’s heritage of natural landscape and community life – are as essential to Vermont’s economic future as to its history.

Target: By 2040, Vermont is creating 5,000 new and/or retrofitted housing units per year.

Recommendations for Change: The Vermont Futures Project is slated to make recommendation for this pillar in Summer of 2020.

Explore the Data: Each of the data points below creates an overall picture of Vermont’s quality of place needs. Email us with questions, comments and suggestions at

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Quality of Place
Infrastructure & Investment
  • Commercial / Residential Electricity Rates
    Infrastructure & Stewardship
    $0.15 / $0.18 kWh
    Energy Information Administration
    US Average of $0.07 & $0.13
  • Road Network Quality
    Infrastructure & Stewardship
    71% Fair/Good
    Up from 64% 2014
  • Standard & Poor
    Infrastructure & Stewardship
    AA+ Bond Rating
    #1 in New England
    Vermont Treasury
  • Broadband Access
    Infrastructure & Stewardship
    VT Dept of Public Service
    83.5% US Average
  • Violent Crime Up (2015-2016)
    Quality of Place
    #1 Safest State in U.S.
  • Housing Starts
    Quality of Place
    Down by 40% since 2005
    United States Census
  • State/Local Tax Burden
    Quality of Place
    Rank: 11th Highest
    The Tax Foundation
  • Average Commute to Work
    Quality of Place
    22.3 Minutes
    U.S. Average 25.7 min.
    United States Census
  • Rental Vacancy Rate 2017
    Quality of Place
    Down from 4.2% in 2016
    United States Census
  • 2,479,871
    Acres of Farm & Forest
    in "Current Use" Program
    VT Dept of Taxes
    Up 24% Since 2005