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The Vermont Futures Project is an independent non-partisan organization with a goal of providing a vision that supports and encourages long-term economic growth for Vermont, providing data and recommendations to achieve this goal. The Vermont Futures Project will position the economy in the center of a statewide discussion about Vermont’s future, enriching that discussion with data, benchmarks, and research – demonstrating how a healthy economy provides opportunities for people and contributes to Vermont’s unique quality of life.

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Executive Director

Kevin Chu grew up in Vermont and is looking forward to growing old here too. He is the son of immigrants and spent most of his early years living and learning in Burlington. A graduate of Middlebury College, he studied the environment and education while also competing in track and field. Prior to joining the Vermont Futures Project, Kevin worked at the University of Vermont, where he led efforts in recruiting for diversity, academic advising, communications, community engagement and economic development, and strategic planning. He is now the Executive Director of the Vermont Futures Project, a nonpartisan organization that is working to answer the mission question: “How can we use data to support the evolution of Vermont’s economy towards a thriving future with opportunity for all?”