A public campaign to humanize and simplify complex economic topics, increase all Vermonters’ opportunities to engage in shaping Vermont’s narrative, and spread public interest in Vermont’s future. This campaign will foster a sense of urgency and passion around Vermont’s growing economy and the work underway to create a resilient and thriving future.

Special Thank You to Cabot Creamery Co-operativeDriven Studio Inc., and the University of Vermont Center for Research on Vermont for their contributions to the creation of this series.

Vermont Economy Talks Interview Series

A Facebook live  interview series in collaboration with Center for Research on Vermont student interns highlighting Vermont leaders who touch our Vermont economy every day. Our special guests share their work, their economic impact and their stories around workforce, housing, business, industry, equity, and diversity and more.

Economic Knowledge and Research

Knowledge videos help simplify longer interviews, research papers and other complex economic topics. These data-driven conversations will help humanize Vermont’s economy by sharing insights, information, and stories to initiate even more engagement and dialogue.

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