Racial Diversity

“The face of America is changing. By 2045, people of color will be the majority. Rising diversity is a tremendous asset – if all can access what they need to thrive.” (National Equity Atlas)

Addressing racial diversity and equity is a top priority to build a Vermont that is attractive and equitable for people of all races. Gaps and barriers exist for the BIPOC community in Vermont, and to make meaningful change, we start with data. With support, guidance, and consultation from the University of Vermont Center for Rural Studies, The Vermont Futures Project has compiled the below racial diversity and equity data sets.

We would also like to thank  Michael Moser, Coordinator for the Vermont State Data Center and CRS Research Project Specialist, for his work ensuring the data was accurate and meaningful.

Explore the Data: Each of the data points below create an overall picture of Vermont’s racial diversity. Email us with questions, comments and suggestions at futures@vtfuturesproject.org


Key Performance Indicators