Part 2 – Labor force participation

This is part two of a four-part series that explores how population changes impact key aspects of the Vermont economy. In part one we discussed the importance of age composition.  This article looks deeper into how labor force participation impacts the everyday economic life of Vermonters.   Labor force participation rate  The labor force participation rate … Read more

Business Growth Can Counteract Brain Drain

Silhouette walking away from light source

Brain Drain A recent Washington Post story, citing novel research using LinkedIn data that quantifies the brain drain (or gain) phenomenon across the country, has been getting a lot of attention here in the Green Mountain State. The data show Vermont to be the biggest loser which means we have the highest proportion of college … Read more

Four Key Population Trends Shaping the Vermont Economy – Part 1: Age Composition

A common economic saying predicts that “our destiny lies in our population trends.” Vermont’s population challenges have become apparent to anyone waiting for restaurant seating or for an appointment with an electrician.  Some of this trend is due to early retirement by an older workforce, while other factors are also playing a role in the … Read more