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The Vermont Futures Project created a Young Professional (YP) Advisory Council based on a key recommendation in our YP Focus Group Report following the YP Focus Groups in January 2020. The Vermont Futures Project is committed to engaging the next generation in our work to help shape our economic future. This YP Council will support Lori Smith, Executive Director, and the Board of Directors in innovating and creating a future that is bright, sustainable, equitable, and diverse.

Key benefits of the YP Advisory Council:

  • Increased connection to YPs statewide and giving YPs a “place at the table” to reimagine Vermont’s future.
  • Co-generational collaboration to learn, understand, and respect diverse views and desires for a vibrant economic future.
  • Greater communication capability of the YP cohort with community leaders, business leaders, and state and local government officials.

Greater attraction and retention of YPs by collectively addressing affordability, opportunity, and diversity goals for Vermont’s economic future.