Employer of Choice

he Vermont Futures Project recommended the development of a statewide workplace engagement strategy and framework that small, mid-size and large employers can adopt to attract new workers and enhance retention of their existing workforce. Through a series of discussions, thought leaders came together progressing from a place of Vermont’s workforce reality to imagining what success … Read more


The Vermont Futures Project has now completed a two- part research project and recommendations to evaluate whether internships held during student’s time in Vermont colleges might provide a way to engage and retain these students following graduation. Last year, Phase I determined there is an ample supply of internships but our conversion rate to jobs … Read more

Quality of Place Pillar Begins

The Quality of Place pillar is the next one to receive attention, focusing on the goal to build or retrofit 5,000 homes annually. We began this discussion at the Economic Conference in January with Board member Leslee MacKenzie moderating a panel featuring Maura Collins of Vermont Housing Finance Agency and Jonathan Slason, a data analyst … Read more

Vermont Futures Project Hires Interim Executive Director

Lori A. Smith has been appointed as Interim Executive Director of the Vermont Futures Project. Lori has been working with the Vermont Futures Project for two years, initially in business development but more recently as an integral part in executing our workforce recommendations and developing our innovation pillar. Because of this great track record, the … Read more

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Pillar Work Continues

Last year, the Vermont Futures Project convened a steering group of entrepreneurs and innovators to make recommendations to grow the number of mid-sized businesses (from 20 to 499 employees) in Vermont by 25% between now and 2040. Our pillar partner, John Burton, has been traveling the state gathering input from businesses on best practices in … Read more

Regional Health Care Partner Forums

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-kkPts8OU8&ab_channel=GNATTV The Vermont Futures Project convened three regional events focused on “Health and the Economy: A Vital Relationship for Vermont’s Future” which explored the impact of population health on Vermont’s economy. The goal is to increase the understanding of these issues and work together to create communities where everyone can thrive and prosper. In addition, … Read more

Pillar Progress

The Vermont Futures Project has identified six pillars, each one with a long-term goal. We continue to progress in these areas, enriching that discussion with data, research, education and recommendations – demonstrating how a healthy economy provides opportunities for people and contributes to Vermont’s unique quality of life. MORE NEWS JOIN THE MOVEMENT Whether you’re … Read more

Workforce and Talent – Key Recommendations

The Vermont Futures Project has identified a need to annually increase the workforce by more than 10,000 people. We offer the following initial recommendations for private businesses, state government, non-profits, and individuals to adopt or engage with in an effort to close this workforce supply gap. Job Demand Data – The Vermont Futures Project has … Read more

Workforce and Talent Pillar – Recommendations, Employer of Choice, Internships

The Vermont Futures Project issued six workforce recommendations last fall and the first two have been completed. We recommended stronger state and regional employment demand data to inform recruitment efforts by educational institutions and employers. MORE NEWS JOIN THE MOVEMENT Whether you’re a large or small business, an industry or a regional leader, you can … Read more

Data and Marketing Recommendations

With the release of the Vermont Department of Labor’s initial statewide data and the new CTE Region Jobs Distribution and Concentration Report, we are confident the information now exists to help make appropriate decisions to secure the workforce of the future. The Legislature once again appropriated funds to continue to encourage people to live and … Read more