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Revenue Base

Source: Vermont Department of Labor

Four Principle Categories of Tax Revenue.

Source: Vermont Department of Taxes 2016 PVR Annual Report

Vermont’s Grand List, or properties, described here by type of use. The share belonging to residential uses has gone up by 1% over last year, the second year of low level gain after lost value or flattening out. Seasonal properties are down from 5% to 4% of the overall grand list. Commercial and industrial uses remain at 14% of the grand list.

Source: Vermont Department of Taxes Annual Report Based on 2015 Data

The total “Unequalized” Listed Value (LV) – Property Values – statewide went up by 1.4% from 2014-2015. Two major factors contribute to growth in the grand list; new construction and reappraisals (which may result from property improvements or market gains). However other policy factors determine a property’s contribution to ELV as well.

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis

One of the changes Vermont is experiencing is a shift in source of personal income. A lower proportion of income has been coming from earnings over time, and a higher proportion from retirement income, which reflects an aging population as well as reliance on some form of benefit.

Measured in nominal, or real dollars.