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Pillar: Economic Activity

The fundamental building blocks of Vermont’s economy provide a framework for opportunity and growth, through diverse sectors and activities that create employment, production, and revenue.

Target: By 2040, Vermont should be in the top 25 of states for Gross State Product per capita.

Status: Vermont is currently ranked 50th

Recommendations for Change: The Vermont Futures Project is slated to make recommendations for this pillar in the summer of 2020.

Explore the Data: Each of the data points below create an overall picture of Vermont’s economic activity. Email us with questions, comments and suggestions at

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Economic Activity
Innovation & Entrepreneurs
  • New Firm 5-Year Survival Rate (2018)
    Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    39th in the U.S.
    Business Dynamic Series Census (BDS)
  • Small Business Employment
    (Establishments with < 20 workers)
    Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    27% of Employment
    U.S. Census Statistics of U.S. Businesses (SUSB)
    17% is U.S. average
  • R&D "Intensity" Spending
    as a Share of GDP (2012)
    Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    30th in U.S.
    National Science Foundation
  • High Tech Related Firms (2017)
    Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    QCEW of BLS
    Increase from previous year
  • 2017 Commercial Grand List
    Economic Activity
    $12.35 Billion
    Down 7% from 2015
    Vermont Department of Taxes
  • Foreign Exports 2017
    Economic Activity
    $2.8 Billion
    down 7.3% from previous year
    Origin of Movement Series of Census
  • GDP per capita
    Economic Activity
    RANK: 50th in the U.S.
    Bureau of Economic Analysis 2015
  • Job Creation Rate in 2016
    Economic Activity
    Down 12.6% from previous year
    U.S. Census Bureau, Business Dynamics Series
  • 900
    Non-Farm Employment Gain 2016-2017
    Vermont Department of Labor
    up 1% Burlington/
    up 1% non-BTV since 1998
  • Mid-sized Firms 2018
    (20-499 Employees)
    Economic Activity
    Down by 0.5% from previous year
    U.S. Census Bureau, Business Dynamics Series