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Source: 2000 US Census & 2015 American Community Survey

Changes in household makeup illustrate implications of a population that is aging overall. From 2005-2015 household size went down 2.42 to 2.36, reflecting both a large number of households where children have grown up and left, and an increase in single person households. Families with children 18 or under were 30.2% of 254,865 households in 2000. Now it’s down to 25%. The portion of Vermont’s population living alone has gone up from 27.8% to 30.3%.

Source: 2015 American Community Survey 1-year Estimates

Of Vermont’s 326,874 housing units, most of which are single family homes, over 3/4 are occupied (or available to be occupied) by year-round residents, rather than seasonal residents. Housing availability depends highly upon Vermont’s local markets, with some areas highly oriented to second homeowners, some experiencing very low rental vacancy rates, and others featuring an excess of unoccupied units.