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Rural Character

Source: USDA

73% of Vermont is forested land – over 4.5 million acres. Since a comprehensive inventory was conducted in 1997 the amount of forested land has been relatively stable, although it has declined about 5% since 2013. About 21% of forested land is publicly owned (local, state and federal).

Source: Vermont Farmland Information Center based on USDA National Resources Inventory

The USDA National Resources Inventory tracks changes in land from development. In Vermont over 80,000 acres of forest and farmland became developed in the 15 years from 1982-1997. From 1997-2012 that rate was slowed by over 1/3. Comparison statistics for redevelopment of existing developed land is not available at this time.

Source: USDA Agricultural Census

Based on the USDA Agricultural Census (2012, to be updated in 2017) Vermont has 7,338 farms. Most are in the 10-500 acre range producing diverse raw and value-added products. Dairy and maple products constitute the majority of sales and exports for Vermont’s agricultural sector.