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Source: National Science Foundation.

Venture capital represents an important source of funding for start-up companies and firms seeking to commercialize emerging technology. It supports the growth and expansion of these companies early in their development, before they would otherwise qualify for other types of financing. This indicator represents the relative magnitude of venture capital investments in a state after adjusting for the size of the state’s economy, expressed as dollars of venture capital disbursed per $1,000,000 of gross domestic product. High values indicate that companies in those states are successfully attracting venture capital to fuel their growth. Access to venture capital financing varies greatly across the nation, and venture capital investment is concentrated in relatively few states, with California and Massachusetts accounting for more than 50% of the total in recent years. Vermont’s venture capital investments show large fluctuations on a year-to-year basis.

Source: National Science Foundation & Bureau of Economic Analysis

Vermont moved from 17th in 2010 to 26th in 2012 for Research and Development (R&D), both in the public and private sectors. Here R&D is shown as share of overall state GDP, or intensity. Vermont’s ranking is relatively high among rural states but slipping.

Source: National Science Foundation

Venture capital activity picked up in starting in 2010 with an all time high of over $84 million in 2011. Values here are given in real 2016 dollars.