COVID-19 Economic Recovery Dashboard

Welcome to the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Dashboard

The Dashboard: The team at Vermont Futures Project understands that economic recovery will be determined by many factors in the weeks and months ahead. We applaud the current extensive efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 knowing that Vermont’s main focus is on saving lives. Mitigation of the virus will be critical to safeguarding our livelihoods and businesses while we also plan for Vermont’s economic recovery and future.

Exploring the Data: As Vermont works to reopen parts of our economy, several key data points will be closely watched over the next year or more. The following data will present an important overview of Vermont’s economic activity and early signs of recovery:

  • Unemployment Insurance Claims
  • Consumer Confidence
  • Sales Tax Revenues
  • Rooms and Meals Tax Revenues
  • Consumer Spending Data (coming soon)

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