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Economic Development at the Local Level

(From Commerce Connections Issue: May 2017) Vermont’s town leaders understand that for their communities to thrive, Vermont must do better. But the reverse is also true. We tell Selectboard members, town Listers, and concerned citizens that Vermont simply can’t “move the dials” without their help. To reach the Targets for economic growth, the coming years will […]

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A Silent Threat to Vermont’s Economic Health

(From Commerce Connections Issue: April 2017) Many Vermont employers report that their businesses have never been fully staffed since opening. The cost to these organizations of not having enough people, or the right people, is enormous. The cost to our economy in terms of lost wages and taxes is unfathomable. Workforce leaders in Vermont are striving […]

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What Will Vermont’s Future Look Like?

(From Commerce Connections Issue: March 2017) The Vermont Futures Project outlined a set of targets to build a future with opportunity for all Vermonters and communities, and where quality of life is better than ever. The future will feature economic success for every region, in addition to a thriving Burlington area. The future will be built […]

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An Eroding Base Threatens Economic Sustainability

(From Commerce Connections Issue: February 2017) “The Triangle” featured in the Futures Project Vision Report illustrates the three sets of values we must balance to create good policy: (1) how we care for one another – equity and fairness; (2) how we care for the land we inherit – environmental stewardship; and (3) how to provide […]

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