Statewide Workforce Forums Recap

A heartfelt thank you to all those who attended one of our 14 Workforce Forums conducted in concert with the Vermont Chamber of Commerce. Over the 2017 fall and winter, Betsy Bishop and Ashley Romeo-Boles of the Vermont Chamber gathered feedback on our Workforce & Talent data sets and answers to the question “Why Vermont?” … Read more

Chad T. Ahern Joins Vermont Futures Project

The Vermont Futures Project, a data-driven initiative to secure Vermont’s economic future, welcomes Chad T. Ahern to further the educational outreach and research efforts of Vermont’s future. Chad will work to expand data on the Economic Dashboard and create recommendations to effect change to meet growth targets and help develop a plan for future progress. … Read more

Vermont Chamber Economic Conference 2018 Recap

During the Vermont Chamber’s Economic Conference on January 5, over 300 attendees heard from Art Woolf, Phil Daniels, and Matt Thornhill about the past, present and future of Vermont’s economy. Inclement weather prevented Gus Faucher of PNC Bank from attending. During the event, Bill Shouldice also provided an update on the Vermont Futures Project, including … Read more

Impact of Vermont Futures Project Data

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn We are pleased to recognize other initiatives utilizing Vermont Futures Project data to guide their work, and promote shared goals: Lyle Jepson and Mary Cohen of the Rutland Regional Marketing Initiative report, “The Vermont Futures Project has been instrumental in informing us about the dire need to attract people to our region. … Read more